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What’s the Difference of Burial and Funeral Insurance?

There actually are some families with where meeting their daily expenses can be hard without having to think of estate planning or with how they could pay for the funeral one day. One of the most uncomfortable topic or subject to talk about would be death and thinking of the final expenses could truly cause discomfort.

A lot of families actually want their life insurance to cover funeral or burial expenses and also help provide for their families in case they die. Some people however desire for a specific type of plan which will pay on the kind of burial they desire or on the arrangements they want.

Funeral Insurance

When talking about funeral insurances, it is called burial insurance and it is a small policy that’s paid directly towards the beneficiary of the insurer upon his/her death. It could also be paid directly to the funeral home where you made the arrangements for the burial or the funeral.

The Coverage

A funeral insurance also cover expenses which are related to the funeral ceremony or cremation or burial. It also covers the headstone purchase, urn or the container to where your ash will be placed after your body is cremated. But, this will not cover expenses like medications or anything which you would need before dying.

If ever you will be assigning somebody to handle these funds on your death, make sure that you are going to choose someone who will be using it for the purpose which is intended for. Your family member can in fact use the money for anything which they like and they are not obligated legally in using the money for the funeral expenses.

Understanding Burial Insurance

Most people tend to mistake burial insurance as something which is separate from a funeral insurance, but the fact is it is just the same. There are in fact some arrangements that will be made and there are something that needs to be prepaid with the funeral home. These are usually called pre-need policies, but sometimes the public confuses it with burial or funeral insurance, which is a certain kind of policy which will pay out on your death and not before it. Due to the fact that a funeral insurance is known as a burial insurance, final expense insurance or other names for it, it confuses a lot of people. But the fact is, burial insurance as well as funeral insurance are just the same.

If you are prepared for any unforeseeable expense, you get the assurance of peace of mind because you know that your loved one will not have problems in dealing with the financial expenses for your funeral or burial. It is however very important that you do ample research and to compare policies and premiums to get the best deals.

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