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The Non-Surgical Treatment For Varicose Veins

The treatment for the varicose veins problems which affects almost half of the ageing population has more than the cosmetic aspect of it. No single individual would be impressed to spot the protruding veins which are swollen and knotty, but there are more health challenges that one face when they have the varicose veins issue. The sight of the protruding veins on the surface of one’s skin is also an indicator of the degenerating veins and when an individual contracts heart disease the veins may also turn painful. As the varicose veins problem advances there are chances of one having skin problems, pigmentation and in the worst cases one can contract ulcers. One positive thing about the varicose veins problem is that the problem is manageable and when one seeks for treatment they are presented with a number of options. The different techniques are used to treat different and specific cases of varicose veins, and we are going to discuss the treatment methods and their suitability to the specific cases.

During the initial stages one can choose to have the problem treated through conservative treatment approach. The first options when one seeks for treatment is where one is given prescription where one is prescribed to purchase counter medications mostly anti-inflammatory medicines such as aspirin and ibuprofen. Doctors also prescribe compression stockings as an effective varicose vein treatment method and the accessories can help reverse blood flow pressure thus resolving most of the underlying condition. One can also apply some weight loss techniques and other methods that are used to strengthen the leg muscles as they seek to load off some limbs. The use of the conservative methods is inexpensive and also does not involve invasive treatment procedures.

In cases where the conservative approaches may seem to be ineffective there are several other non-surgical approaches that can be applied. The services are offered by special doctors specializing in vein treatment called the phlebologists. Sclerotherapy is one of the non-surgical methods that can be applied when one seeks to manage the varicose veins condition where one injects medicine into the veins making them shrink and start functioning normally. The sessions usually take a period of up to two months with one attending two or three sitting in a month.

Another non-surgical approach that has been used to treat the varicose veins condition is Endovenous Thermal Ablation which entails the use of lasers to eliminate the veins occurring on the surface of the skin. For one to achieve their desired results they may have to take three laser treatments which occur at three months intervals.

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