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This is an online system which matches the details posted by the shipper or the freight brokers for the right truck. The load boards are also referred to as freight boards. An agreement is reached between the shipper and the carrier via the online system. The load boards can be used by the carrier to post information regarding their free equipment. The early twenty first century is the time when the first load boards started.

Most of the load boards are complicated and it requires a number of criteria to be able to search and post in them.The shippers and freight brokers use criteria like the load location, weight of the load, destination of the load and the truck type in the load boards.The ability to make notes on load carriers and shippers, credit information or the number of days to be paid, mobile access and the pre-load financing are some of the services offered in the load or freight boards. The information of the load and the phone number of the freight broker or the shipper is text sent to the carrier once their information matches on the load boards.

The are numerous load boards and can either their services for free or some have to paid.The paid ones are more sophisticated so it is advisable for new freight brokers or load carriers to use the free load boards.The new comers in the highly competitive truck loading industry get a good starting point from the free load boards. The are three groups that categorize the load boards depending on the time limit and the cargoThe load board categories are general freight, live bid board system and urgent.

Freight factoring can be used by the independent truckers and small companies.Freight factoring is an easier way that allows a load carrier to get paid for their service immediately they are done with delivering.Small companies and independent truck carriers can hire a factoring company to handle the invoicing processes. After completely delivering the goods, the cash is paid up front minus the little service fee charged by the factoring company. The independent truckers and small companies do not need to bid on the load boards since it done by the factoring company.

Some of the disadvantages faced by using the load boards are the high level of competition and also the profit margins are very slim. There are still lots of benefits of using the load boards because some of them offer special services like crossing border freights and interstate freights. The load boards are used by lots of businesses and individuals who own truck to match their description with the load information posted.

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