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the Worst Roads that you can found in the world

Travelling is indeed one of the most common thing that any person would likely to do in daily basis. Going to school or work is indeed just some of the things that may need travelling for as we all know, these places maybe too far for us. With the fact that you may be experiencing some problems in your life means that these travelling can also help you clear things out. And as we all know, if we are indeed talking about travelling these generally means that you are travelling through the road we have nowadays. The worst roads that can be found in the world will be then discuss in this article.

Defining the reason why we need to know the worst road in the world must be first discussed before we proceed to this roads. Having the knowledge about these worst roads can simply help us to be away from any car accident and these is very important for anyone of us.

So basically, one of the famous worst road in the world generally includes the north yungas highway in bolivia. With the fact that 200-300 people generally die driving in this road every year makes these road as one of the worst roads in the world. If you are indeed the type of person who is afraid to look a glance at a steep drop down mountainside then these road is not a choice for you.

One of the worst road that can be found in Norway is the Atlantic Road. If you look at these roads in the pictures, these roads may be look great but you need to take note that these roads are indeed very tricky since it generally have some twists and sharp curves. But aside from that, another great factor in this road that makes them worst is the fact that these place may have different and bad weather sometimes that it make your vision to be blocked at all.

One of the most worst road that is indeed found in Brazil is the BR-116. Highway of Death is indeed the common for these road in brazil and this is because of the fact that these road are low in maintenance and even known to have bandit and gang around the road. Car accidents are indeed associated in this area due to the fact that these road are usually concentrated with large trucks.

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