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Running Shoes that Suit Your Needs

Choosing a running shoe should not be as difficult and overwhelming as perceived. Based on the technologies, running shoes are of many types. According to the foot type of an individual then, running shoes are made respectively. The best running shoes are chosen based on comfortability. Despite comfortability being the main deciding factor in choosing running shoes other simple guide steps get you on the go. Pronation is the rolling of the foot from heel to toe through the foot strike which needs to be clearly understood. Pronation is divided into three types that include; under-pronation, over-pronation and neutral, all having different meanings.

Both under and overpronation is differentiate as when the foot rolls either too much on the inside or the outside. One can only enjoy a neutral pronation upon initially striking with the outside of the heel and moving up to the ball of your foot evenly. Stress of the impact is greatly reduced when individuals try the neutral foot strike pattern. Being in the know about your foot type is another way of finding a good running shoe. Getting to know your foot type is determined by checking on your arch height using the wet test.

The wet test is done by wetting both feet then standing on a paper bag for about ten seconds, then step off the bag and observe the imprint made. A low arch foot results to an imprint that shows most of your foot, no curve at all along the inside of the foot. Individuals with high arch foot type, have a noticeable curve along the inside of their foot as well as a thin band connecting to their heel and toe. Determining your gait height is followed through after knowing your foot type.

There are four types of gait heights that include; neutral, mild overpronation, under pronation and severe pronation. Shock absorbing is well handled when people with neutral gait height allow the middle outward part of the heel to strike first as the foot rolls inward. When it comes to under-pronation, they require a running shoe that is neutrally cushioned. It’s quite hard for individuals with under-pronation to absorb the impact made of a foot strike.

Striking of the heel to the ground as the first instance then rolling inward excessively is what describes severe overpronation. The right running shoe is chosen after the first three steps have successfully been completed. Individuals are assured of quality running shoes when they choose Adidas and Asics. Money value and increased shelf life is resulted from Adidas and Asics.
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