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Reasons Behind Big Designer Bags.

Designer bags describe women in a big way. Petite bags worn by women shows that the woman has a relaxed approach to life. A woman who carries such a bag only requires only essentials. The lady does not need to carry luggage distractors. The woman carries little things such as her lipstick, phone, and keys.

Another type of a woman is the one who carries a big bag. She is usually well set for anything she might come across in the day. This woman is ready for her on-the-go lifestyle. She may carry a snack, a small perfume, a phone charger, and a book. She is usually not ashamed to walk in the streets carrying all her must-haves.
Designers understand the two kinds of women. Designers also don’t find it necessary to go asking them why they prefer either the small or big bag. The designer’s role is simply to manufacture the bags in a way to suit each of these women.

The following are the reasons why designer bags are going big.
Big bag’s multiple uses is one of the reasons. It is an investment buying big bags. Its significance is greater than just a place where someone puts his or her belongings. Many outfits can be matched by designer bags, as well as a statement piece. one can use designer bags in multiple places such as lunch dates, in the office and also in the gym. Since someone can bring one or more outfits in big bags, this is possible. In traveling, big bags are efficient. A woman can put more in a big bag. In case one is having a plane ride or a weekend beach party, she can carry all her necessary items in one bag. Big bags also assist women who are in school in a big way or those with kids since they can carry books and children toys with them.

People also choose big bags over little ones. Many high-end designers go for several hundred dollars. For a bag to retail at high prices, it should be helpful. An example of a brand that does not have versatility of small petite bags is the Louis Vuitton bags. Higher sizes are traded for a few hundred dollars more. Big bags are efficient since they can hold essentials needed in the day and also at night.

Finally, people no longer have the notion that a bag is too big to use. Big bags that are adaptable to current needs are women’s favorite. The bigger the bag, the greater the woman’s take on her ability to do a couple of things in the day. Taking distinct office, gym and lunch bags is not necessary. Women can use a perfect designer handbag to cater for all the different events.