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The Delicious Mumbai Restaurants for Your Indian Authentic Food
A person seeking to obtain authentic Indian food ought to consider Mumbai restaurants. It is essential to note that food is one of the exciting parts of taking a trip to Mumbai. The reason why most tourists consider Mumbai while traveling is because of the rich history culture is has. The essential aspect a person plans on when traveling is food and Mumbai serves to be the right place that a person can consider for the right meals. A person ought to learn that a wide range of foods in Mumbai will be helpful in meeting the needs he/she has for food. The best restaurant for a person visiting Mumbai to consider are below.
It is possible to have enjoyable Indian meals when you settle on Masala library. The advantage of this restaurant is that it offers savvy food to any person who visit.The essential aspect to note is that its location on a suburban will require a person to be vigilant to identify it. The restaurant was started by Jiggs Kalra in the year 2013 who was columnist as well as food consultant. You should be aware that the restaurant is not same to the rest because of the scientific approach it uses by name molecular gastronomy. The important feature about the restaurant is that its dishes have spins that are unique.
It is vital to note that Bombay canteen will be a good option for your Indian food. The restaurant is popular in business having been found in the year 2015. The restaurant is the best in Mumbai and its good reputation is attributed to the founder. You should be aware that it has a well-known chef by name Cardoz. The restaurant is designed a fashionable manner, thus a good Indian classic. The essential thing to know is that the restaurant will offers cocktail for either your lunch or night.
It is essential to note that Gaylord is an important restaurant to consider while in Mumbai. The oldest restaurant in Mumbai is Gaylord and 1958 serves to be the years it was found. The advantage of the Gaylord is that it has been success even when it is the oldest restaurant in Mumbai. It is essential to note that it was the first bakery to be started in Mumbai. You will be able to access a garden patio and traditional food when you consider this restaurant. The other advantage of the restaurant is that it provides accommodation to all categories of diners.
The other important restaurant for the delicious Indian foods is the Khyber. The restaurant was founded in the year 1958 but later rebuilt due to fire destruction in 1985. You should be aware that a variety of food will be obtained in this restaurant and is the center for arts. It is a destination for most celebrities because of its good decorated staircases.