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Facts on Hair Extension and Varieties Available

When grooming, your hair gets the most attention than any other thing and nowadays, the fashion world has several ways of enhancing the appearance of your hair. In fact, you do not need to worry if your natural hair is not suitable for a particular fashion that you want to embrace. You can find different hair extensions in fashion stores around you at affordable rates and thus, you have every reason to look beautiful at all times. Hair extensions are made from either natural hair or synthetic hair, and the natural hair extension is durable and expensive than synthetic hair which is comprised of majorly silicon and cannot withstand heat. Below is a brief explanation of different hair extensions available and this can guide on choosing the right one.

Tape-in extensions – These kinds of hair extensions are popular among many ladies, and they are preferable because they are easy to fix and you do not need any help for further adjustments. Fixing tape-in extension requires the use of heat to stick them on the side of your natural hair. It is economical to use these types of hair extensions as they can last for a considerable period before you need to replace them.

Clip-in extensions – If you do not need something that will last for long on your hair, then clip-in extensions are the best option for you. You can install the clip-in extensions quickly fix an appearance for a particular event that you were not prepared in time to attend and that makes them suitable for people who like to change their looks often. They come in different colors, styles, and textures to suit a wide range of preferences. Clip-in extensions are relatively cheap compared to others, and thus, you can change them as much as you can afford.

Weft extensions – These types of hair extensions are meant for weaved hair, and through stitching, they are installed. It is recommendable to apply these hair extensions when you have weaved natural hair, and the installation process involves stitching. Perhaps if you are wondering where the difference lies; machine weft extension is installed near the tip of the hair while hand weft extension is mounted close to the head. If it is weak, you can opt for other types of hair extension which can suit your hair.

Fusion extensions – These are made of natural hair, and they might be costly compared to other types of hair extensions. Installing these extensions requires a professional hairdresser as it is quite complicated and takes an extended period to complete. If you maintain your hair correctly, fusion extensions can last several months.

Most people make mistakes when choosing hair extensions because they do not consider the quality. For that matter, they opt for the cheapest ones which are not durable. Only let professional hairdresser do the hair extension installation.

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