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Top 5 Tips for Working at Home

The ability to work at home is just among the various benefits offered by modern technology. But is it really as easy as it sounds?

Working at home is definitely more convenient than working outside, but it does need commitment and some smart techniques to work. The following five are great to begin with:

Keep to a consistent schedule.

This is the first thing you need to learn as a home-based professional. You need to set clear rules as to when you should be at your desk working and when you can be somewhere else. Swing shifts aren’t good for anyone, including remote workers. That said, as a person who works at home, you may have to begin your day early or extend it work with someone else’s timezone.

Set up an area exclusive for work.

Ideally, as a remote employee, you wouldn’t only want a dedicated office but at least two computers – one for work and the other for personal use. It’s great for you as well as for your employer in terms of privacy and security. However, as you may know, this isn’t always possible. Instead, just have a desk and a few peripherals to be used strictly for work. So if your laptop is connected to your monitor and external keyboard, for instance, that means work time. If it’s sitting on your lap, then it’s social media time.

Set ground rules for the entire household.

This is particularly important if you have kids, especially if they are usually home with you or will be home from school while you’re still working. In any case, they need to know what they can and cannot do. The last thing you want is lost work files (probably accidentally deleted by your toddler) or an unsaved document that someone closed while you were away for a break.

Take breaks.

Full-time employees typically take one-hour lunch breaks and two 15-minute breaks within a work day. You should too and don’t cut those breaks short, especially at lunch. There are apps that you can use to lock yourself out of your computer for a specific period of time. Or just use a simple timer on your monitor. If you walked back to your desk 20 minutes before time, find something to do for 20 minutes and come right back.

Leave home from time to time.

You don’t have to see your friends every single day, but you do need to go out and enjoy yourself from time to time. You have to move your body, inhale some fresh air and get some natural light. Go for a jog, walk your dog, watch a concert – anything you enjoy. This is crucial to your physical and emotional health.
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