Learn More About Fine Fashion Accessories When Considering Buying Birthstone Jewelry

To learn more about fashion accessories, consumers can spend time browsing through a website focusing on fine jewelry. If they don’t know much about different gemstones and they want to buy jewelry for some relatives or friends, they might learn what the birthstones are for each individual. Then they can focus on that particular gem when choosing a necklace, earrings or a bracelet.

Red Gemstones

Each month is associated with one specific gem as a birthstone. For example, the gem for January is the garnet. Red is the usual color for garnet stones, but they are available in other hues as well. The red of garnet is distinctly different from that of the ruby, which is the gemstone for July. Rubies have a deeper and brighter shade of red. They also generally cost more and are considered more valuable, but that doesn’t necessarily lessen a person’s love for the garnet.

The Amethyst

Moving on to February, the stone for these birthdays is the amethyst. Although it is a type of quartz, which is one of the most common stones on earth, what makes this particular stone desirable is its beautiful purple color. It can be found in light to dark shades indicative of flowers such as lilacs and violets. The amethyst is also a good choice for men and women who simply love purple, even if it’s not their birthstone. If they wear purple clothing fairly often, the item from a source like Adina’s Jewels will be an ideal accessory.

Blue Hues

Several birthstones are in the blue part of the spectrum. March is connected with aquamarine and September with the sapphire. June actually has two birthstones: pearl, a classic choice, and Alexandrite, which is available in blue and other colors. Alexandrite has the unusual quality of appearing to be different colors depending on the light. That’s a feature of opal as well; the lovely opal is one of October’s birthstones. The other is tourmaline, also available in several hues.

The November topaz can be purchased in blue, although it’s more popular in orange. All three December birthstones are in a shade of blue: turquoise, tanzanite and zircon.