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Important Auto Maintenance Practices.

With the current economic downturn, many car owners do not service their car properly. A car requires regular check-ups just like a human being does. If you pass on general auto services, chances are you are leaving your car vulnerable to some potentially serious damage. It is obvious that extensive are repairs will require a hefty amount of money. Prevention is the best medicine is an old saying and one that applies to cars as it does to humans. The following are practices that can help to keep your car in good condition.

Change your car oil regularly. Changing your
car’s oil depends on what kind of oil you are using. It is necessary that you change your car oil after the specified time. By so doing you will save your car engine from sludging and oil seal problems. Oil sludge can damage the engine and cause oil leaks. Car owners who do no change the oil in time end up ferrying their oil leaking cars to auto repair shops.

It is vital to keep your car fuel system properly maintained. With advancement in auto technology in-line fuel filters become obsolete. It is a rule that you change the in-line fuel filter after about 24000 miles. Timely changing of these filters makes the fuel tank to be durable. For best results, the filter should be changed before using the cleaner.

Ensure that you service the cooling system of your car. Before servicing the cooling system of your car, you should be sure of the nature of the coolant that your car needs. The advanced coolers can only be changed after a duration of five years although they cost more. Browse your car’s manual so that you understand the best coolant for your car and the duration it needs to change.

In addition, manufacturers suggest that you replace belts and hoses every two years. It is also good that you install new belts and hoses when the existing ones are damaged before two years are over. 100000 miles is the standard for which new belts will need to be used despite the status of the old ones as after this period belts are known to start falling.

If you want to see your car in perfect shape for longer, think of investing in its maintenance. This will not only improve the performance and mileage of your car but can also help prevent your car from serious damages that may require expensive repair jobs.

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