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The Essential Elements Of Southern Style Clothing

When describing the south, majority of people use the word feeling and place interchangeably and on the same line. The same case applies to the Southern style clothing which is designed to fit the climate. You will find specific vital clothing elements that make the southern fashion stand out as refined and elegant.

Boots are essential element of the southern style clothing. The appearance of the boots is rustic and lived-in. You can comfortably wear the flat riding boots with your favorite jeans. You can comfortably wear them to the church, dinner or to a game.

A denim jacket is a vital element of the southern style clothing. This fashion piece, like the denim counterpart can be an addition to a lace dress, a sweeping maxi dress or a little black frock. As a result, you will be able to get a look that fits everyday use. Wearing a denim jacket is a perfect way that you can that you transform a dressy outfit into a casual one. In the event you are unsure on what to wear, you should consider slipping a denim jacket over your favorite dress.

Family heirlooms constitute an essential element of the southern style clothing. Recycling and refurbishing are part and parcel of the southern culture. You will not find this practice only in homes but in outfits as well. Clothing accessories that used to be worn by grandparents will be found on a southerner. Since vintage never goes out of fashion in the south, new pieces that resemble the family heirlooms will be purchased. You will come across items such as rings, cashmere cardigans and watches that aptly go into this category.

One of the major characteristics of southern style clothing is opting for bigger outfits and accessories. However, this is more evident in accessories that include necklaces, big rings and big purses. The once popular pearls have found substitute in oversized and colorful items. Party dresses, boots and denim match perfectly with the accessories.

The southern style clothing has an element of fearlessness when it comes to colors. Bright colors are a hot selling commodity in the south. You will look out of the ordinary if you are clad in basic black outfit in the south. Southerners will go for colored pants, colored coats and colored cashmere.

An essential element of the southern style clothing that has the impact of instantly boosting your mood is the right choice of heels. A woman who wants to feel feminine and powerful should step out in heels.